Tavern Terrain

Tavern Terrain

Belly up to the bar and settle in for a while. This rustic tavern provides an exciting place for a party to discuss their next quest before getting into a good old-fashioned bar brawl!

22 Terrain Minis (50 Terrain Parts: 1 XL, 3 Large, 3 Medium, 43 Small)

  • Bases required: Fireplace*, Quest Board*, Stove*, Barrel/Keg* (4), Sack* (4).
  • Bases not required: Basic Stool (3), Reversible Stool (4), Reversible Round Table (2), Reversible Rectangular Table, Reversible Bar, Support Legs (28).

Terrain that does not require bases comes with support legs to stand on. Reversible terrain comes with alternate art (plain wood) on the other side. The complete set fits in 1 XL Combo Sheet.

Bases not included.
Don't forget to add bases to your order!

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