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Skinny Minis

An Easier Way to Mini

Durable, beautiful, affordable minis. Experience immersion on demand wherever you play.

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We're Returning to Kickstarter!

To add to the amazing Skinny Minis on this site, we're crowdfunding another wave! Feast your eyes on some of the sets you can look forward to in our second Kickstarter.

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our Kickstarter Backers Love Them!

The Newest Member of Your Party

Field hordes of monsters, adventurers, NPCs, terrain, spell effects, and more without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality.

The result? Easy, immersive gameplay.

Front + Back Art

easy to use




Explore the Sets

Hundreds of gorgeous designs, each with the same incredible level of loving care and attention your adventures deserve.


Epic adventurers for every party.

Monsters & Villains

Fight worthy (and unworthy) foes.

NPCs & Companions

Fill your world with rich characters.

Terrain & Special Effects

Bring your dungeons to life.

Extra Large Minis

For truly gargantuan encounters.


Flying Stands, Bases, and Storage!


Help shape the future of Skinny Minis!

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