Kickstarter 2 Freebies

Kickstarter 2 Freebies

Multiple goodies for all kinds of adventures! These are the stretch goals from our second Kickstarter, excluding XL Minis and the Wildshapes / Normal Animals set.

1 XL Rib Cage Terrain
Rib Terrain (10 Large Minis)

5 Huge Minis
Battle Forged Titan, Frost Giant Skeleton, Jabberwock, Nightwalker, T-Rex Mount

10 Large Minis
Dao Genie, Flailsnail, Goblin Mech, Mosquito Winged-Mount, Nightmare Mount, Nycaloth, Panda Owlbear, Salamander, Snowy Owlbear, Tree Knight

10 Medium Minis
Arcanaloth, Archmage, Assassin, Gladiators (2), Orc War Priest, Snakefolk Pureblood (2), Spectator, Twisted Remnant

13 Small Minis
Chwinga (2), Clockwork Automaton, Dumbo Octopus Wizard, Frog Wizard, Gnome Squidling, Homunculus, Rat Heroes (2), Special Bravery Fun Guys (2), Valiant Floof Knight, Vampire Kobold

1 Tiny Mini
Crawling Claw

Bases not included.
Don't forget to add a base to your order!

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